This site is a collection of various python engines, extensions, libraries, shells, that aids in the job code for understanding, analyzing and sometimes breaking.

For description of each of the projects 12 characteristics were allocated:

Project name of the engine, expansion, library, shell and etc
Author author(s) of the project (many thanks to these guys)
Site project site of the project, from which you can download it
Tags a list of tags, which on my mind characterize the project more common
License the type of license under which this project is spread
Python versions a set of python versions with which this project compatible (may work and on other versions — if you know, please let me know)
Platforms the list of platforms supported by the project
Architecture the list of processor architecture supported by the project
Base project this is the name of the program for which it is intended (depends)
Description short description of the project
Tools here are the most famous and interesting tools which use this project
Useful links references to the manuals, documentation or simply interesting blog entries concerning this project

If there is the “???” sign in the line, then this information is not known to me and I would be glad to get it.

This site is by no means exhaustive. If there is anything that I may have missed or have misstated, please email to us (Feedback button) and we will edit this post accordingly. I hope for your help in its correction, updating and improvement.

Authors of project:
Anton Astafiev
Dmitry "D1g1" Evdokimov
DSecRG team, 2012